New Grading for MyCourses

The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA has changed to a four-tiered grading system for the clinical years and we have developed a new framework and accompanying tool for student evaluation.

Please email, if you need any assistance.

If anything in this overview can be improved upon, please email us with your suggestions.

What changes should I expect

As a course coordinator that assigns evaluations, your procedure shouldn't change too much. Please see below for some things that will affect how you assign evaluations. If you have any questions, then please email

  1. Upon assignment of the forms, please make sure that either version A or version B of the form has been assigned. This only affects courses that use the "Core Clinical Clerkship form. If a form was not assigned, please contact so we can look into the issue.
  2. No manual assignments of evaluations. If you were manually assigning evaluations, then please contact us so we can make sure that there is a standard operating procedure in place for your evaluations.
  3. Inpatient Medicine assignments have significant updates. Please refer to the changes to Inpatient Medicine form page.

A presentation that explains the new grading process and evaluation tool in more detail can be viewed below

New Grading System Presentation - Requires FLASH

To help you better understand this new framework and accompanying tool we have created two training videos to assist you with your evaluations of students. Please access the videos below:

Case 1 Scenario Video: MS3 evaluates patient and presents to attending in outpatient clinic (9:23 min)

Case 1 Explanatory Video: How an expert completes the new DGSOM evaluation form (5:38 min)

Case 2 Scenario Video: MS3 performance is discussed by inpatient team (6:02 min)

Case 2 Explanatory Video: How an expert completes the new DGSOM evaluation form (3:35 min)