Inpatient Medicine Form Changes

For all inpatient medicine courses, a new procedure is required for assigning evaluations at separate locations. Please review this overview before making assignments.

Please email, if you need any assistance.

If anything in this overview can be improved upon, please email us with your suggestions.

In order for the four-tier forms to be assigned, they must be assigned automatically. This is a shift from what you have done in the past. Please review the following overview for the changes.

  1. Select the location and dates to populate student list.
  2. Select the evaluation period
    • If an evaluation for a student already exists for this period, you will get a validation error when attempting to assign the new location evaluation.
  3. Evaluations - select "Manual"
  4. Location - you'll need to select both version A & B for the location that you are at.
  5. Student Activity
    • Please complete as usual.
    • If you used "Resident" or "Faculty" classifications previously, please add them here (i.e., ... - Resident). Please note that capitalization matters.