About Student Performance Evaluations in MyCourses

A Brief Introduction

MyCourses is a platform where David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA performs student performance evaluations. This is three step process.

  1. Faculty and residents are asked to evaluate students.
  2. Once faculty and resident individual evaluations are submitted, a summary evaluation is generated and completed by the site director.
  3. Once the summary evaluation is completed, the Clerkship/Course Chair reviews the summary evaluation and signs off on it.

Three Steps

Individual Evaluations
  • Evaluators are emailed the night they are assigned an evaluation.
  • Except when the open by date is in the future. If this is the case, then the evaluator will receive an email the night that the evaluation opens.
  • Evaluators receive a notification email with their username and a due by date.
  • If an assigned evaluator did not spend time with a student or in incorrectly assigned an evaluation, s/he can click on "Cannot Evaluate" to inactivate the assigned evaluation and remove it from her or his queue.
  • Evaluations will close if not submitted by the due date and go into an "OVERDUE" status.
  • Evaluators can find "OVERDUE" evaluations by showing all (closed, inactivated, overdue and submitted) on their "My Evaluation Page".
  • All individual responses are weighted and compiled into the summary evaluation.
Summary Evaluation
  • The summary evaluation will not open until all assigned individual evaluations are either submitted or inactivated.
  • For graded courses, grades are based upon the summary of evaluations and the NBME Shelf Exam score.
  • In some cases, the summary evaluator and the the individual that can perform the sign-off are one in the same and must complete the summary evaluation and the sign off.
Sign Off
  • This is the final step for student performance evaluations before a grade is added to Gradebook.
  • The Clerkship/Course Chair is responsible for reviewing the submitted summary evaluation for accuracy and completing the sign-off.
  • Site directors have the ability to review any of the evaluations for their course at any stage in the process.

That is the general process in a nutshell: however, with 400+ courses monitored in MyCourses, each course may have some nuances.

MyCourses Course Differences

For the majority of courses, the individual evaluator, course coordinator and site director are separate individuals. In this scenario, each person is only responsible for one portion of the evaluation.

There are a few courses where the individual evaluator, course coordinator and site director are the same individual. In this scenario, the evaluator must submit the summary evaluation and sign-off on the summary evaluation. This is a two - three step process.

If you are a site director, and have any questions about your specific course, then please email your course coordinator for additional information.