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Student Affairs Office
Program for Community Service Learning

The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA is pleased to provide students with opportunities to serve the community in meaningful ways outside of the classroom. Health Fairs are among these activities. The primary goal of the Health Fairs is to provide health promotion and education to the community.

    1. All student organizations must have a UCLA Faculty Physician Advisor for the Health Fair, involved during the planning stages and present throughout the event.
    2. Students may participate in health fair activities as appropriate for their level of training.
    3. All students must have HIPAA certification and comply with Confidentiality requirements.
    4. Only 1-3 physicians may be recruited to accompany students at the health fair.
    5. All student organizers are required to meet with Mary Marfisee, MD, MPH at the beginning of the planning process for the health fair.
    6. All student organizations must submit the completed Health Fair Application at least 60 days in advance of the event to:
    7. Approval of the application is required before students may proceed with the event.
    8. Collection of data for all health fairs is required and includes number of volunteers, and attendee totals with demographics, but not PHI. Please submit this data to SAO within one week after the event. (see VI.)
    9. No direct medical care or consultation is to be provided at the health fairs.
    10. Consents and waivers are not required of attendees.
    11. No food may be served by the UCLA team to attendees/community participants.
    12. No Point-of-Care testing may be performed by the UCLA team at the health fair.
    13. To participate in a health fair, medical students must:
      • be enrolled at DGSOM or other concurrent UCLA graduate program
      • have successfully completed the Health Fair Skills Training Session
    14. Non-medical students may participate in the health fair but must:
      • be enrolled in the UCLA School of Nursing, UCLA School of Dentistry, other UCLA graduate or undergraduate program
      • comply with the same policies and requirements for medical students
    15. Required documents to submit:
      • Health Fair Application --- 60 days before event
      • Volunteer (including all students and physicians) and Vendor List --- 1 week before event
      • Attendee Data Excel --- 1 week after event
      • Updated Volunteer (including all students and physicians) and Vendor List --- 1 week after event
Acknowledgement of understanding of above policies.